Wee Buddies Adventure Club

This playgroup, geared for 3-5 year olds, welcomes ALL little explorers to experience enriching indoor & outdoor play activities designed to promote curiosity, sharing, turn-taking, and cooperation.

The dedicated team, trained in understanding diverse needs, creates an adventure filled environment that empowers children to build social & motor skills at their own pace through play and sensory exploration.

  • We embrace neurodiversity.
  • We respect each child’s unique strengths, sensory preferences, and individual differences.
  • We provide tailored support that enhances functional skills, instead of seeking to “fix” a child.

Our goal is to assist ALL children in navigating challenges, while embracing and celebrating the incredible individuals they are.

Wee Buddies Adventure Club fosters a sense of camaraderie among Its pint-sized members, creating a joyful environment where imagination takes flight, learning is fun, and friendships blossom!

Location: Wee Care Therapy 6035 Robbins Rd. Portage, IN

Fee: $55/wk for 1.5 hr play group (per child) – NOT therapy so NOT covered by insurance

Child/Staff Ratio: Not to exceed 4:1 (Caregivers may drop off or wait in waiting room)

Dates: Ongoing weekly (or biweekly) begins Friday Jan 12th, 2024 9-10:30 am CST

Pre-registration Required: 219-322-1415