Disability Stigma and its Relation to Performance in Children with Learning Disabilities


Sunday Aug 13th

Registration (Coffee and…) 10:30 am (CST)
Workshop 11:00 am (CST) – 1:00 pm (CST)

Wee Care Therapy (Dyer Location)
440 Edmond Dr.
Dyer, IN 46311

$50 payable through https://weecaretherapy.com/seminars/ (paypal) or call 219-322-1415 with cc info.
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Presented by Dr. Angela Klukken, OTD, OTR

Workshop Description
This workshop is in person due to hands on experiential learning. Pediatric learning disabilities have been widely misunderstood. Children with learning disabilities are disproportionately performing below their peers, despite their ability to perform at or above grade level. Misconceptions, lack of accessible spaces, bias and stigma have the potential to negatively impact children with formally diagnosed, and undiagnosed, learning disabilities. This course is designed to introduce pediatric therapists and caregivers to the impact of disability stigma and provide tips and tricks to combat it. This interactive experience will consist of activities, discussion, self-reflection, case studies and lecture components where participants will leave with an increased understanding of bias and its impacts, 4 learning disabilities and their presentations, as well as practical strategies for treating and caring for these children.

Workshop Objectives
At the end of this seminar participants will be able to:

  • Define “learning disability” and outline common diagnoses and their presentation(s)
  • Apply practical strategies for working with or caring for this population
  • Define implicit bias and provide examples
  • Identify stigmatizing thoughts and list strategies to overcome them
  • Recognize the impact of bias on disabled populations
  • Discuss and curate potential advocacy efforts to support this population

Speaker Biography
Dr. Angela Klukken, OTD, OTR is an occupational therapist at Wee Care Therapy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Indiana University Northwest (2018) and a Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree from Indiana University (2022). Angela’s pediatric clinical experience occurred in an outpatient pediatric setting, where she treated children with a variety of diagnoses and/or challenges including autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, emotion regulation difficulties, neurological conditions, and radial dysplasia. Angela has additional clinical experience working in adult upper extremity rehabilitation and lymphedema therapy, where she gained experience with soft tissue massage, scar massage, wound care, and various other physical agent modalities. Her doctoral capstone project centered around advocating for children with learning disabilities in a public elementary school setting. Angela’s research examined the effects of stigma on school performance for children with learning disabilities, stigma reduction in general education teachers, teacher training, implicit bias, and occupational performance in school-aged children.

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Special Needs
If you have any special needs for this webinar, please inform us at least 2 weeks prior to the webinar so that we can make reasonable accommodations.