Physical Therapists

Leila (Rose) Broadnax, PT

Rose earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy in 1974. She has attended numerous seminars on sensory processing, torticollis, and movement and handling techniques. She is Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT) Trained in Pediatrics by the Neurodevelopmental Treatment Associaton. She is also CPR certified. Rose is very comfortable working with infants, babies, and children who have birth defects, torticollis, plagiocephaly, cerebral palsy, prematurity, movement difficulties, neurologic or orthopedic impairments, developmental delay, genetic disorders, respiratory conditions, and substance exposure. Her physical therapy experience has been n hospitals, schools, pediatric home health agencies, outpatient clinics, and First Steps.Rose is soft spoken and caring in her approach to treating your child. She looks forward to the opportunity to help you and your child!

Emily Hagan, PT

“Dr. Emily” graduated with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in Physical Therapy from Governors State University in 2010, after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2007. She started working as a pediatric physical therapist in 2010. She also works in adult rehabilitation. Her experience comes from hospitals, clinics, schools and early intervention. She has training in neurodevelopmental treatment, myofascial release, Graded Motor Imagery, aquatic therapy, gait training, knee injury prevention, respiratory control and sensory-based strategies. She achieved certification in the TheraSuit Method Pediatric Intensive Therapy and CPR. Emily has worked with various diagnoses including neuropathic pain, oncology, brachioplexis injuries, post surgeries, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, cerebral palsy, torticollis, plagiocephaly, brachial plexus injury, sensory processing disorder, Down syndrome and other developmental, genetic and neuromuscular disorders. She presented on Graded Motor Imagery, Hoffa’s disease, pediatric rheumatology, functional neuroanatomy and sensory systems, walking speed as a physical performance measure and home exercise programs. Emily believes that families should be involved in the therapy process, and looks forward to working with not only your child, but you as well!

Deanne Hilvert, PT, C/NDT

Deanne earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Marquette University in 1991, and has been a pediatric physical therapist since then. She is NDT (neurodevelopmental treatment) certified in pediatrics by the Neurodevelopmental Treatment Association, and CPR certified. She has taken numerous courses in myofascial release, cranial-sacral therapy, kinesiotaping, and sensory-based intervention strategies. Deanne has worked with various diagnoses including, but not limited to prematurity, neurological disorders, cerebral palsy, torticollis, plagiocephaly, brachial plexus injury, sensory processing disorder, Down syndrome. and other genetic disorders. She has also worked with children who had delayed milestones (e.g. rolling, sitting or walking) who do not have a specific diagnosis. She has experience with orthotics and adaptive equipment. Deanne believes that therapy should be fun, as learning, including motor learning, takes place when the child is most engaged and motivated! She realizes the value of incorporating the family in all aspects of treatment. Deanne looks forward to working with you and your child!

Mary Lu Kot, PT

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 1984, Mary Lu earned a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 1985 from Northwestern University. She has worked with children with neurological, genetic, developmental and orthopedic challenges (e.g., cerebral palsy, prematurity, torticollis, plagiocephaly, ideopathic toe walking, sensory processing disorder, spina bifida, hypotonia, muscular dystrophy, Down syndrome, autism, brachial plexus injuries, and osteogenesis imperfecta). She has also treated children with neuromuscular diseases (e.g., MD, LGMD, CMT, SMA, and Mitochondrial Ds). Mary Lu speaks Spanish and is CPR certified. Her experience includes hospital (including NICU), school, and IL and IN early intervention programs. She is competent in serial casting to improve range of motion, and finds it to be beneficial for children who toe walk due to increased or decreased muscle tone and/or sensory processing problems. She works closely with local orthotists to be part of the decision making process for orthoses. Her skills extend into seating and positioning, including molded seating systems, and she will assist you when choices need to be made for adaptive equipment. She enjoys the use of aquatic therapy when available. Mary Lu is excited to share her experience to help you and your child!

Lisa Slavin, MS, PT

Lisa earned her master’s in physical therapy from D’Youville College in New York in 1991. She subsequently earned a masters in kinesiology, applied sport science from Indiana University Bloomington in 2002. She has been working in pediatrics since 1991 in early intervention, school, outpatient and clinic settings. She taught Human Anatomy and Physiology at Purdue University Calumet. Lisa is experienced with a variety of diagnoses including cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome, torticollis, spina bifida, prematurity and other developmental disorders. She is proficient in gait analysis, orthotics, kinesiology, adaptive equipment and functional skills training. She is CPR certified. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling, mountain biking and roller derby. Lisa believes that physical fitness is important for good health and function and looks forward to helping your child achieve optimal physical functioning!

Joanne Weaver, PT

Joanne has been a registered physical therapist since 1978. She is CPR certified, and has experience in wheelchair seating and positioning, adaptive equipment and mobility needs. She has attended advanced continuing education in the areas of neurodevelopmental treatment, myofascial release, kinesiotaping, torticollis, and sensory processing. She treats children with a variety of diagnoses including cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, sensory processing disorder, and numerous other genetic, chromosomal, and developmental conditions. She also has experience with adults. Her experiences include early intervention, schools, and private clinics. Joanne’s therapy approach is child and family friendly with focus on daily functional needs!