Behavioral Services

Bridget Carstensen, BCBA

Bridget became a board certified behavior analyst in 2010. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Education for Moderate, Severe, or Multiple Disabilities in 2003, she earned a Master of Arts degree in Multi-categorical Special Education in 2006, and a Master of Arts degree in Educational Administration in 2009. She provides individual behavioral services in natural environments and has some limited services at the clinic. She has extensive training in applied behavior analysis (ABA), and has attended numerous continuing education seminars in all aspects of development. Bridget has a strong knowledge of functional developmental skills, and can help your child to grow in all areas of development using fun and practical activities!

Amy Monesmith, BCBA

Amy received a certificate of completion for the BCBA supervision course from the Florida Institute of Technology in 2017, after becoming a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) in 2016. In 2012, she received an educational specialist degree in school psychology following earning a Master of Science degree from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2010, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Purdue University in 2009. Amy has presented workshops on Building Positive Secondary School Relationships for Latino Success. She provides supervision for Registered Behavior Technician(s), evaluations, and behavioral services in natural environments. She may have some limited services at the clinic. Amy has served as a case manager on multi-disciplinary evaluation teams, and has collaborated with parents, educators, and other professionals to help children function academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. Amy looks forward to creating safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments to help your child succeed!